PODE and the Player Creator Portal
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The PODE Player-Creator-Portal was set forth as a platform and instant plug-in ecosystem for independent developers to be able to gain access to a concentrated Field testing group: the PODE holders. Currently, there is no instant distribution platform for small, independent or just launching/starting out developers within the gaming, VR, 3D industry. There is no way for them to be able to showcase their content in a meaningful way i.e. have it so it actually gets put in front of a group that will both actively engage with and evaluate it.

Creators (Not just Studios, but Independents) will have direct access to provide content for Players, interact with Players through the P-C-P.


PODE requires all games under the ecosystem to be completely open sourced. This is a new revolution of Open Source Gaming (OSG).

The PODE holders are incentivised through staking of modded NFTs that can increase in stakeable value overtime

PODE holders have these OG access cards to engage in this ecosystem as the field testers and digital value assessors. This means they directly hold the keys to being able to test run early games, mods, content experiences and evaluate and assess these experiences.

In today’s landscape, indie developers aren’t provided the properly effective resources, tools and support to actively level themselves up and release their game into a market that can differentiate and value it.

Platforms like Steam or Itch.io still don’t do the job. It is a massive gamble and not enough when thousands of games are getting released daily. Getting listed on these platforms is just becoming another slot in the never ending scroll of the screen. Congratulations you’ve just been added to a database!

So, how does any indie game, or really game, make it in today’s market? Well, that really comes down to the modding ecosystem. It is just that vital but so overlooked. The modding culture is changing everything about how games are made. Some of the most successful games were all spawned out of or were directly able to reach massive layers of scale thanks to modding i.e. League of Legends, World of Warcraft, CS:GO, Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, Fortnite, PUBG.

Don’t believe us? Go search YouTube for Among Us content. Take your time, we’ll wait. One of the key and frankly only reason why that game as maintained so much extreme relevance is due to the vibrant modding culture around it. That’s what introduces recurring rounds of novelty, unique player experiences and new monetisation models, both for the OG game developers and independently around them. In fact, Skeld.net is one of the biggest Among Us modding communities with over 160, 000 members in their discord, and they actively make thousands a month through advertisements.

That is why it is so important to support the modders and indie devs in our midsts. They are how this entire industry grows.

PODE Holders are providing a decentralised concentration and focus for the independent developers and creators to grow, gain exposure and providing a framework for players to better discover, better transparently engage and make distinctions.

The P-C-P will also grow into a content ecosystem and platform for identifying new mods, indie developers whose content is suitable to be integrated into ESPA for Casual Esports. PODE holders will be able to vote on who is #ESPAREADY, where their assessments and valuations will have direct influence on determining which difficulty level category the content is set for, and so the fair winning distributions to players against other content.

PODE is under continuous development and itteration, and more updates will be released through the DIGITALAX Medium page here.

If you hold PODE, go to the dashboard here.

Welcome to Imagined Studios!

Imagined Studios is a young 5 person team from Poland, founded early 2021.

Their game in development that will be produced through PODE is called Faberlare.

Faberlare is a game similar to Super Mario 3D World. You collect Zero’s Rift Pieces in order to get access to more stages and bosses. On your way to the Zero’s Castle, you need to collect armor, swords and bows to defeat enemies more easily, but the enemies get stronger and stronger with each world. Unfortunately, more details can’t be given because that would simply spoil the game.



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