Indie Web3 Fashion Sampler Pack.

How can you be decentralised if you are not indie? The result of real decentralisation means everyone is empowered to be independent, yet connected. That is exactly how our Global Designer Network DAO misbehaves— self sovereign digital and physical web3 fashion designers join forces in a revolution beyond trad fashion, to decentralize networked yet indepedent access to power and capital for all.

Our core NFT marketplaces dress the open web3 realms across Digital, Physical, Phygital, NFT x DeFi Staking, AR, Digital Dressing, Custom Order, and Cross Game Utility. All marketplaces are currently operating on Polygon Network.

Web3 Functionality Included in All Fashion NFTs.

These fashion NFTs are not your throwaway mints. Every web3 fashion item designed by the Global Designer Network across the DIGITALAX marketplaces include:

  • DeFi staking functionality. Stash your fashion NFTs in our staking contracts to earn crypto yield. Learn more here.

  • 3D source file. We combine the spirit of free software with the web3 value layer to advance the timeline towards a fully open source fashion industry. Closed source is so ngmi.

  • Fractional Garment Ownership. FGO is composability incarnate. Every 721 NFT owns a balance of ERC-1155 NFTs under the ERC-998 variant standard for modular, interoperable metaverse fashion. Read more here.

Wear 2 Earn. Gaming Skins. Crypto Yielding Fashion.

Yesterday’s fashion was made for landfills. Today’s fashion gives you new ways to earn with deep pockets. But, what if what you wear was far more than how you look? What if you could earn from it — put your style to work for you — without being a model?

DIGITALAX’s skins marketplace allows players to purchase fashion NFTs to take them across game environments and complete quests to rank on a leaderboard earning crypto yield through the ESPA esports platform. The on-chain rarity of player fashion NFTs determines their longevity in the meta-game.

skin-1 skin-2 skin-3 skin-4
Genesis Launch 2020.

We launched with the very first fashion NFT marketplace on Ethereum. With auctions yielding ohundreds of thousands in sales. Since then we have bult our entire ecosystem and depoyed to Polygon for sustainability reasons. The OG marketplace is no longer active, but if you’d like to go back to our roots and see a taste of fashion history, enter below.

fashion-1 fashion-2 fashion-3 fashion-4