Protocol Artisans in
Web3 Fashion
& The Open Metaverse
Free your style across the realms, with the forkable protocol stack for web3 fashion & the open metaverse. Built on Ethereum and Polygon. Progressively decentralized to unlock the fully composable & interoperable economy through indie fashion, gaming, modding, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, ∞.

Owned & governed by token holders. Fully fair launch & distribution, no traditional VC money taken, 0% team token allocation.
Indie Web3 Fashion Sampler Pack.
Digital, Physical, Phygital, AR, NFT x DeFi Staking, Digital Dressing, Custom Order, Cross Game Utility. All marketplaces are currently operating on Polygon Network.
Become a Web3 Fashion Designer and Launch Your Own Label.
Become a Web3 Indie Mod, Game & Metaverse Dev.
Stake NFTs for $MONA Yield & Vote in Governance.
Open Source Repos >
Mixing the spirit of free software with incentive models enabled by web3. Fork our open source code.
Wear 2 Earn >
Iteration of P2E. Focused on the unique role that in-game skins and wearables contribute towards a player's identity, self-expression, utility and access.