Decentralised Wear 2 Earn & Quest 2 Earn Esports Platform.

ESPA is the first decentralised Casual Esports platform for Indie and Modded gaming. Level up from amateur to pro as you take your skins across different games & digital content environments to earn an income stream through $MONA. Casual Esports allows you to play anywhere, anytime without having to conform to excessive rules and schedules. It’s all about freeing Players, Modders, Independent Devs, and Designers to create new livelihoods for themselves no matter where they live. For the first time ever they are able to genuinely monetize without requiring the usual industry-political approval.

ESPA is built different. It is a Web3 metaverse ecosystem between Designers, Developers, Modders, Players and Creators, allowing for each stakeholder to generate a new sustainable livelihood through play. ESPA is here to liberate fashion and gaming through mod culture.

The ESPA Platform allows for Indie Devs and Modders to easily plug in and enable Players to start playing to win, creating a secure livelihood for each other in the process. Every Player is Esports ready. Players no longer have to engage only in strict, time sensitive, one time battles. They can Play anytime, anywhere and start building a record of winning plays. Designers, brands, and creators can engage with and monetise off of this digital ecosystem, maintain streamlined content pipelines and bring forward meaningful, personalised, self-expressive content for all Players and Developers to leverage.

ESPA also operates as a Layer 2 solution and interoperable infrastructure to all gaming, VR, 3D content. It does not affect or interfere with the game/content’s underlying economy or ecosystem. It sits outside of this as an additional well defined utility, sustainability driver and use case for both the content Developers and Players. It does not circumnavigate the game/content’s current operative state. It allows Designers, Developers, Players, and Content Creators to gain access to and leverage off of the value contained within Web3, Crypto, NFTs, without requiring them to actually build on blockchain themselves.

Wear 2 Earn with In-Game NFT Skins.

Fashion is at the heart of ESPA— where skins and wearables provide Players, Indie Devs and Modders their consistent income streams and ability to make a livelihood. This is all made possible through $MONA utility. Digital fashion is what grants the Players with Skin in the Game. All web3 fashion in ESPA is minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum and Polygon Network, allowing a Player to have full ownership of the item and trade this for additional value within and beyond ESPA.

Wearables found on the DIGITALAX Skins Marketplace are the official in-game authentication system and identity markers for the Players. They allow Players to be eligible for $MONA token payouts + leaderboard qualification.

It is how the Players are recognised and verified on the blockchain through our Smart Contracts. The web3 fashion doesn’t interfere with game play within the game — it purely establishes and authenticates the Player’s meta-game and eligibility in the ESPA ecosystem. This is what secures a Player’s DIGI-ID (Specific to the particular game) and Meta-ID (Relevant to every game under ESPA).
All Skins are Designed to be Cross Platform by the Global Designer Network DAO.

All web3 fashion in ESPA is minted as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum and Polygon Network, allowing a Player to have full ownership of the item and trade this for additional value within and beyond ESPA.

Each NFT is minted under a different rarity level on the blockchain; common, semi-rare or exclusive.

In ESPA, fashion is functional. The NFTs have direct application and utility.

The rarity level of the web3 fashion item determines and weighs in on the longevity of the Player’s access to specific Esports tournaments in the ESPA ecosystem i.e. more common fashion pieces run out faster in terms of the access they provide to the specific in-game compatible esports tournaments. The fashion doesn’t affect the specific in-game play or functionality, it is purely related to the ESPA meta-game. This is NOT a pay to win ecosystem.

Increasing Skin Longevity: Recharging.

The longevity of the access granted into ESPA by the skins can be increased by Players. Players are able to suit up with a new skin from the marketplace when their access longevity runs out. They are also able to complete certain rejuvenation tasks in the ESPA meta-game. The tasks depend on the specific game and details can be found on the clear conditions page for each specific game.

DeFi Staking for Skins.

All gaming skin NFTs and DIGI Bundles bought from the DIGITALAX marketplace also have DeFi utility. They can be staked for earning $MONA token and other crypto ERC-20 yield.
Modding, Blockchain & Web3.

ESPA is native to Web3. We are built on both the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon Network, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that is 99% more energy efficient and sustainable. We align with values of open source, decentralisation and removing gatekeepers from positions of control. We are here to revolutionise the entire gaming industry, through fashion.

We believe in modding as a way of life. It is what maintains novelty and recurrent value for both fashion, gaming, the metaverse and everything. It’s the modders that inspire, generate and catalyse all of our interactive and engaging content. Modding is the backbone to the gaming industry and it is what we are advancing through ESPA.
If you are a Player in the ESPA ecosystem, not only are you getting a personalized, higher quality and better content experience through the web3 fashion garments as NFTs, but also more content, fun, and a clear path to building a livelihood through better play. As a Player you get $MONA through winning the casual esports battles that you engage in across the different content experiences and can build out your digital ID to go from amateur to pro across the realms.

The ESPA ecosystem is progressively decentralising so that eventually all $MONA holders are able to have an active stake in its future through the ESPA DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). Designers, Developers, Modders and Players can use $MONA to vote on governance proposals across R&D, operations, community, infrastructure, treasury resource allocation and meta-game mechanics.

$MONA is a cryptocurrency; more specifically, it is a utility token with genuine functional use. You can think of it like a custom and purpose built incentive for embedding sustainable value within the ESPA ecosystem and also directing the livelihood streams for Designers, for Indie Developers, Modders and for Players that a part of ESPA.

If you are a Designer in the ESPA ecosystem you are creating the digital fashion garment NFTs that can be worn by the players in game to act as their unique personalized identity markers and in game authenticators. A player goes to the DIGITALAX fashion NFT Skins Marketplace, finds an item that they love, purchases it with $MONA and you receive part of it. What does that do for you? Well you now have a sustainable in route to a world you thought you would never actually be accepted in.

If your a Indie Dev, Modder, you can showcase your content through ESPA, allow for players to start wearing their NFT garments in game, connecting with our architecture. What you get in return is users, data, immediate feedback, relevance, a community of support, well defined utility outside of your current game economy, prestige, and a way to differentiate compared to other content. And you also get a new consistent revenue stream through $MONA.
Winning Streaks.

Every Player in ESPA has both a Meta Identity for the ESPA meta-game and also different DIGI Identities for each specific casual esports battle and game. Player’s are able to mod their digital identities across the realms.

Player’s get winning streaks to get scored on the leaderboard and earn $MONA. There are leaderboards for each game + the meta leaderboard, which scores Player’s across all of the different in-game realms.

Metaversal and Subversal IDs reflect a Player’s Tier in the ESPA meta-game and also in each specific game they are playing in.

Player Development Fund.

We understand that for some of our ecosystem’s most ideal archetype Players and Creators, that ensure the creative flourishing and liquidity within our system, are individuals that sometimes don’t have the means to go from Stage 0 to Stage 1. This is the hardest thing to overcome; for some it is a lack of capital and for others it is a lack of encouragement.

We are spotting these individuals as the undervalued Players and Creators. We want to build this ecosystem for these people and make sure that they have a strong opportunity to be a part of it. These individuals we have identified as already on a trajectory, at a very early stage, as embodying the persona of what DIGITALAX and ESPA represent and is all about. They are the true players that do it for the love of the game.

We have set up the Player Development Fund, where 15% of all sales from our DIGI Bundle sales on the DIGITALAX maketplace are allocated to the Player Development Fund— helping to onboard Player’s into ESPA, allowing them to level up, go from amateur to pro and start building sustainable livelihoods in Web3.

Best Plays of the Game.

Players are able to record their best moments of the game (Wearing their cool digital fashion items), on their own initiative, and then share these through social media, tagging ESPA channels and their own Meta and DIGI IDs. ESPA will choose the best recorded and shared in-game moments to be minted as unique memorabilia NFTs and listed on the DIGITALAX Marketplace .

Time is intrinsically tied to the nature of NFTs, because when we talk about NFTs it is inescapable that we are also talking about blockchain. Timestamps are the most important component of blockchain. But what it is that makes time special? It is the meta-data — the story—around that instance in time. Commercially and in our everyday lives, we measure that with memorabilia. Artefacts of moments in our lives that are worth enough to us to keep in some form that takes up space and is persistently in the direct field of our attention. Rendering nostalgia is powerful stuff. The way we imprint ourselves in games played by others speaks to how we continue to build our identities throughout the metaverse.

In-Game Fashion Skin Sponsorships.

Through ESPA, we are enabling new natively digital models for in-game Player identity, that allows digital fashion designers and developers to embed tangible fashion elements directly into the fabric of the game. This comes in the form of in-game digital fashion sponsorships of selected Players, using a quadratic funding model. Just like how top athletes today are able to level themselves up through brand sponsorships, the casual Esports Player of ESPA will be able to do the same. This feature will be launching under the ESPA and DIGITALAX ecosystem shortly.

Check Out Previous ESPA Launches.

Among Us Sheriff Mod.

Our first ESPA launch was the Among Us Sheriff mod— with modder Woodi and designer Kodomodachi. Total skins sales for the Among Us fashion NFT dropped reach over 97 $MONA. It was a huge success and the initial BETA release for ESPA.

Minecraft Bed Wars.

Our second launch with ESPA was for Minecraft Bed Wars... Creeper? Awwww man. Designer Cleora and modder Adi collaborated with DIGITALAX, where we also hosted weekly Pro Leagues events— weekly head to head battles against the top 40 leaderboard scoing players with live streaming on Twitch.